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What is Jujitsu?

Jujitsu (literally ``the gentle fighting art'') is an empty handed extension of the sword fighting art of the Japanese Samuarai. The actual ancient art is called Aiki Jujitsu. This involves joint locks, throws, strikes, blocks, and chokes. 2500 years ago reference was made to Jujitsu and its philosophies of which may have occurred during the Choon Chu era (772-481 BC) The period of Japanese history between the 8th and 16th centuries had civil war and many martial arts systems were uses practiced and perfected on the battlefield. This training was used to conquer armored and armed opponents many close fighting.

Some of the strengths of Jujitsu are being able to control an attacker with out bodily harm or you have the option to use as must force as necessary.

Youth should start learning the basic of Jujitsu at the age of 3 such as falls and escapes but for more advance techniques I believe the age depends on the individual

Jujitsu training includes the use yawara stick or kubatons. And the ranking system includes White -Green- Brown- Black and  3 ranks per belt up to Black.

The United States Jujitsu Federation is the National Governing Body of Jujitsu in America as recognized by the International Jujitsu Federation and the Olympic Committee and World Games. Akayama-Ryu Jujitsu is a fully recognized and certified traditional system.